Thinkin’ about my morning yesterday, I did a few calculations:Blood_donor

6 opportunities/year
22 years (since I broke the 110 lb barrier)
3-4 potential uses for each pint of blood donated
396 – 528 people whose lives might’ve been saved or at least helped

Wow…what a PRIVILEGE to offer such small sacrifice for something that can give LIFE to others!  I can’t change the past, but I can alter the future.  Every 56 days you can make a whole blood donation (leaving enough time for your red blood cells to be replenished).

I’m marking my calendar, seriously…there’s just no good excuse for not making blood donations on a rGive_bloodegular basis.  KUDOS to those of you (or your eligible family members and friends) who’ve committed to this waaaay before I even thought about it (thanks to those of you who indicated so on my previous post).

It’s a little thing to me, but to someone in need?  It might be the difference between life and death.

And that’s all the motivation I need. 🙂

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