While there were thousands of dollars to be won in last week’s Blogging Giveaways carnival, one of the few giveaways I entered topped my list as The One I Hoped To Win.

Guess which giveaway I "won" :). 


Giveitawaybutton_2Give it Away offered to contribute three gifts of $100 each to the winner’s charity of choice.  In addition to our church, we support several ministries and organizations; however, for this giveaway, I wanted my choice to be blog-centered. 

The no-brainer?  Compassion International.  I’ve had my socks blessed off reading about Shannon’s (Rocks in My Dryer) and Sophie’s (BooMama) African adventure.  Shaun Groves’ (Schlog) post answered questions I had about CI and solidified my respect for the organization.  Compassion International is making a substantive difference in the lives of children–altering their future and giving them hope.  Using financial gifts of individuals, working through the local churches in the areas they serve, CI emulates Jesus by sharing the hope He offers through the gospel, and meeting the very real physical needs (not wants) of the sponsored children. 

It’s a beautiful picture of the Body operating in sweet harmony. 

Thanks again to Give It Away, the most other-minded blog in the ‘sphere!  I wasn’t the only reader who listed Compassion International as my preferred charity for her giveaway, I just happened to be the fortunate one blessed to be a blessing. 


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