Mces_cooksImagine stuffing your suitcase full of your favorite things until it was bulging on all sides, and it took two people sitting on it–huffing and puffing, eating a box of Wheaties and using all their might–to pull the zippered halves together to get it closed. 

That is the Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show.

Because there is so much to tell, I’m breakin’ it down for ya into a series of posts rather than one long one.  These are not necessarily in hierarchical order, they were all favorite aspects to me. 

Top Ten Highlights
Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show

in Atlanta, GA

[10]  Meeting Denise Medved, President and CEO of The Tiny Kitchen.   I am always drawn to "story" and Denise’s is inspirational:  she’s living her dream

Because Denise was so determined in pursuing her passion–cooking and entertaining and making it accessible for anyone–she invested everything she had into making "it" happen.  The "it" in her case is a successful series of cookbooks and a cooking and entertaining tradeshow that is drawing thousands.

Tinykitchenart Denise explained she simply created the show she wanted to attend.  With extensive tradeshow and business conference experience, she knew what to do and how to do it.  Judging by the A-list of celebrity chefs attached to her venture, Denise is making culinary waves of tidal proportion.

Currently there are two cities host to The Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show:  Washington, D.C. (November 8th & 9th) and Atlanta.  I have a feeling there’ll be more.  I’m sure Denise would love to hear from YOU if you’d like to see a show in your area–why don’t you share your 2¢?

[9]  Lunch that began with eight strangers, miraculously ended with eight new friends.


My certifiably insane sister sprang for a VIP Luncheon and Book Signing with a certain cooking diva to be named later.  Our Derby Day-themed lunch began with mint juleps–we entered as ladies
and exited with hair on our chests–and ended with buttermilk pound
cake with strawberries and whipped cream.

S o m e h o w we lucked out with the BEST TABLE of gals in the room–they were fun and funner!  Allow me to introduce Lora (my sister, to the right of "my" chair), Angela and Debbie, Rose and Kelly (they flew in from Houston!), Candy and Jean, and Elaine and Sandie (HEY Y’ALL! 🙂 ). Can you believe EVERY one of our table mates gave their email addresses to me?  What if I were a serial axe murderer for goodness sakes! 

Debbie, the bunny-ear girl on the right, is clearly the trouble- maker of the bunch; she told Rob-the-event-photographer that’d I’d seduce him for his photographer’s vest; I just thought he was being nice to me to encourage a budding photographer:/.

[8]  Three Sisters livin’ their dream. They’ve got a fairytale story in progress; fitting, since POP truffles are almost too pretty to eat!  These girls left comfortable jobs to pursue their passion, and let me tell you this:  their hopes are HIGH–to be a global leader in the specialty foods industry.  They’re off to a good start– they’ve got wonderful mentors and support, and everything about them speaks "positive".  Bounce around their website, see what they have to say, and they’ll win you over with their regard for and generosity to others.  Oh…and their POPs?  You’ll be drooling!


More soon, and I promise, you’ll be slobberin’ like a Saint Bernard before it’s all said and done!


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