An Ode to Spring Cleaning

I have really been a’ meanin’
To begin some fresh Spring cleanin’
But there’s always somethin’ else I’d rather do.

But, the house, she’s just a’ callin’
Cause the windows, they’re appalling!
Kitchen walls, splattered with a sticky goo!

Name in dust, my fingers tracin’
And my heart is really racin’–
Cobwebs filling all the corners of each room.

Oh, the baseboards are so dirty!
Grimy bathtubs, it’s not purty–
Where’s the mop?  Grab a rag!  I need the broom!

Counters filled with paper fountains
Stinky socks build laundry mountains
Mile-long list of things to do, I think I’m drowning!

Wash the dog or wash the car?
Who needs it worse?  The dog by far!
Sees the soap and runs away, so know I’m frowning.

Self-cleaning oven, praise the Lord!
A frenzied mother’s sweet reward!
Start the vacuum ’cause the carpet is repulsive.

Now it’s time to stop my stallin’
Cause the house is still a’ calling,
Oh, I wish I were obsessive or compulsive.

Yes, it’s time to walk away
From my blog, just for the day.
If I’m ever going to whittle through my list.

When it’s done, I’ll be so happy.
I’ll probably write a post so sappy.
Posting pictures, if it’s clean, I can’t resist!

~ Robin @ PENSIEVE

Karisma and Kids is hosting a Spring cleaning poetry competition, and I couldn’t resist!  Once I started, can you tell how much FUN I had with this?  I might not win her contest, but no worries–this time, it was pure delight to try :).  She’s still looking for submissions, why don’t YOU give it a go??

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