I’ll have the 40 Photo Challenge up a bit later today…as I mentioned in the painful-but-redemptive Mom, Interrupted, company’s coming and I’m going 1,000 mph!  Only one Mr. Linky can be featured on my blog at a time, and I don’t want to lose all the Poetic License links; so I’m going to compile a list with manual links and that takes time.  (Hey…this gives you time to WRITE a 40PC post if you haven’t!  Wahoo!)

AND I’VE GOT 10,000 THINGS TO DO PEOPLE!  So unless you’re coming over to help, just be patient with me, please? 

(That means Karmyn’s baby shower gift is going to be posted later, too…:/).

Forgive me?  I swear this week has flown by in mach speed!

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