Did you feel that sonic boom in the blogosphere today and wonder what in THE world was going on?  It was a full-fledged launch of seismic proportion– 


Blog Nosh magazine is the brainchild of Megan Jordan, author of The Velveteen Mind.  The concept is novel, and for bloggers, a dream:  it’s not about you writing new material for publication; instead, it’s designed to breathe new life into your favorite–your bestarchived posts. 

You know that post you poured heart and soul into?  The one that no one seemed to see?  Now’s your chance to extend it to a broader audience.

BBlognoshfeaturedborderlog Nosh magazine features over a dozen categories for publication, and my role is one of three "Religion and Philosophy" Channel Editors.  I would LOVE for you to email links to your favorite posts that fall under that category, and if it seems like a good fit for Blog Nosh, I’ll let you know and schedule it for publication.  For your trouble you get this nifty button for your sidebar AND, hopefully, some new readers. 

(Please read this to access the Publication and Guidelines FAQs page.)

Rather than me tell you more about it, why don’t you click over and peek around.  Megan has hired a diverse group of editors to seek out OLD/NEW material, and I encourage you to email the Channel Editors if you’re interested in submitting something of your own!


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