My husband, friends, and, I suppose, readers of the ol’ Pensieve often don’t understand my choices of subject for photographs.  Neither do I, really…but it’s impossible to calculate how often I see something and have to photograph it.  HAVE TO. The strangest thing that comes to mind at the moment is the rotten tomato I saw40orlessatpensieve_2
on an exit off I-285 in Atlanta…a bright red icky blop on an otherwise forgettable stretch of asphalt, completely unexpected and out of place.  In a race to capture the scene before the light turned green, in a single movement I uncapped lens cover, turned and snapped, and ended up with a less-than-spectacular photograph. 

It could’ve been a cool picture had I been better at my craft.

For this week’s Friday’s 40 PC, I offer one of "those". 


One morning last week, my daughter and I were sitting on our front porch swing talking.  She had placed her water bottle on the front rail when she noticed steam swirling from condensation (evaporation?  one of those "-ations…).  I tried to capture the misty swirls, but I guess ghosts don’t translate well in digital. 

Regardless, I l i k e d the resultant image…pink on white on forested green, our pup–center-porch–guarding our yard, the clouds of ice floating in their own little concealed sea. 

Join us in a round of Friday’s 40?  Click here for complete details, but basically you have 40 words (or less) to respond to the weekly image–a caption or title, poem, word association, abstract, concrete–however it hits you.   Write a post, then be sure to come back here on Friday morning to link your permalink, and after, visit the other participants to see their varied perspectives on the same image.

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