Ladyandsonsneonsign It’s no secret I’m so tight with The Lady and Sons they’re probably gonna call me later today to invite me for Sunday dinner.   The mere thought of anything whipped up by Paula, Jamie and Bobby Deen has me sloppy-droolin’ like a baby cutting molars.

I know what I’m talkin’ about–earlier this summer we enjoyed dinner at The Lady and Sons restaurant in Savannah. Dinner_at_lady_and_sons Though
the Deens were traveling elsewhere, we weren’t disappointed; Phil and his lovely bride, Julie, took good care of us. 

For those of you newer to PENSIEVE, Phil-the-webmaster discovered my blog when I was making up stories about Paula a while back and it was fast friendship from the get-go. 

(You can thank HIM for the wonderful giveaways I’ll tell ya about in a few!!)

If you’d like a true taste of the South, you must visit The Lady and Sons!  Dinner starts with complimentary hoe cakes and biscuits–if you aren’t careful, you could make a meal of those!

It was a difficult choice, but in the end, we opted for the buffet rather than ordering from the menu–it was a feast for the eyes…the nose..the TONGUEPauladeenfriedchicken
!  Mountains of fried chicken, a shrimp boil that made me long for the low country, country fried steak and gravy (so worth the heart attack), and the sides and veggies?  DON’T GET ME STARTED ON THOSE!  Creamed corn, butter beans, black-eyed peas, macaroni and cheese, perfectly mashed potatoes…it’s a blessing we don’t live closer ’cause just TALKIN’ ABOUT THIS made me gain five pounds–the button just popped off my shorts!

I couldn’t wait for today’s Bloggy Giveaway–not only is it a chance for me to share my love and affection for all things PaulaDeenY’all, it’s my most expensive offering of the week–over $100 from  Let’s get to it:

The giveaways ~

$50 Paula Deen Giftcard
Country Cookbook Set (RV:  $32.90)
Paula’s Seasoning Set–nothin’ says DE-licious like Silly Salt and Butt Massage! (RV:  $29.90)

Y’all, these are such FABULOUS GIVEAWAYS, be sure to follow the simple entry requirements to be eligible ~

  • All you have to do is visit Jamie’s blog, READ, then COMMENT to any of his posts telling him you came because of Robin @ PENSIEVE, and in your own words "encourage" him to check out my blog.


  • Look around and end by commenting on her contact page that you appreciate today’s giveaways at PENSIEVE.  Feel free to tell her how much you adore my blog and she really should be reading…I’m just sayin’.


  • If you’re on twitter or plurk, mention today’s giveaway with a link back to this post (follow me on twitter @pensieverocks)
  • If you’re writing about Bloggy Giveaways, mention this giveaway in your post. 

THEN, let me know in comments which of these you’ve done; people who do more than one thing earn additional entries 🙂 (do all four?  4X the chance of winning).

Last thing, I’m on the fence as to whether or not to award one BIG giveaway or divide this into three giveaways so more people can win.  If you have an opinion, please vote…you’ll find out my decision by Monday at midnight when I post winners of my giveaways 🙂 (NOT required for giveaway eligibility…just a fun thing!).

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