Chattanooga is a beautiful Southern city and one of its crowning gems is the Bluff View Arts District.  Every time we visit–and trust me, it demands a walking tour–I discover something new.

Long-time friends were in town over the weekend and they were kind enough to bring amazing Fall-like weather, perfect for walking downtown.  Still with Carmi’s current Thematic Photographic "pattern" theme in mind, order, repetition and beauty were inherent every direction we turned!


An old stone wall whose purpose escapes me but whose aesthetic value doesn’t.


This one may not have aesthetic value, but I love the dot pattern of a common stop sign post.


A snail’s view behind local delicious Italian eatery Tony’s Pasta; walk up a flight of stairs to their back deck for a bird’s eye–and much better–view (click the picture to see that view!)


This stone courtyard is part of the amazing Tennessee River Sculpture Garden on the back side of Bluff View.


A stunning maze of metal and glass overlooks the Tennessee River, and I’m not sure if it’s supposed to keep people from jumping to a certain death or if it’s simply art.  Either way, I wouldn’t let a kid get near it armed with a slingshot and pebble.


There’s a public Bocce Ball court in Bluff View, one day we have got to remember to take our set and play.  Since my eye was coaxed to see "patterns" all day, an overhead glance zeroed in on this unique arbor.


Do these stairs look like art to you??  For some reason, they do to me (even though I get dizzy looking at them).  They give the illusion of a flat surface, but if you look to the right side of the photograph, you’ll see the stair-steps.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Chattanooga is soooo much more than a "Choo-Choo", and it’s a pleasure to share parts of it with you.  I still have bunches of pictures I’d like to post, but since these share the common thread for TP, I’ll save the others for another time.


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