Pretty snakes in captivity don’t scare me a bit–

Whoa, Gertie–hold it right there!!  I bet the majority of people reading that opening sentence think there’s nothing "pretty" about a snake.  These are my friend Paige’s pet snakes, and they wouldn’t hurt a flea.  A mouse, definitely, but not a flea, or more importantly, ME!  I’ll have to go back to her house to take reallyREALLY good pictures sometime, but for now, I loved this one for this week’s Friday’s 40-or-less Photo Challenge

I hope the image didn’t scare you from writing a response–remember, it doesn’t have to be a literal take on the picture; I went with the abstract this time…decidedly darker.  One look at snakes and my mind inevitably wanders back to the Garden.

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Beguiling and charming
Seldom alarming.

Enticing, alluring,
Grossly enduring.

Seductive and cheating
Pleasures soon fleeting.

Sweetly deceiving
Its wake often grieving.

Sin bites.

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