After the 34th time my daughter said, "I L O V E THIS BOOK!" it occurred to me I might enjoy reading it myself.  Even if it was about mythical creatures.  In spite of its intended "young adult" audience (I hardly qualify–I’m the PARENT of a young adult!).


In her inaugural at-bat, author Stephanie Meyer didn’t just hit it out of the ballpark, she blew another hole in the ozone.

Twilight is a delicious feast that teases, tantalizes and ultimately satisfies a ravenous appetite of the heart.  Meyer’s ability to write love and longing and heartbreak and desire coupled with mystery, thriller, suspense and intrigue kept me flipping pages until my own eyes were as blood-red as a hungry vampire’s.

Bella and Edward are so well fleshed out, you can see them; even supporting characters are drawn in three-dimensional technicolor.   A romance between a vampire and a vampire-wannabe–and it’s believable...and you care??!

I skated through New Moon, the second in the series; right now, I’m savoring Eclipse (book three), and Breaking Dawn is waiting on me as soon as I’m finished.  I’m glad I only recently discovered the series–I don’t have to wait years for the conclusion.

Of note:

Follow your dreams!  The genesis of Twilight was a vivid dream; Meyer had to write the character’s story.  Had! To!

Burnin’ the midnight oil.  Clearly, Meyer is gifted, but talk about the Belle of the Ball–she’s churned out five novels in five years (The Host is an adult novel, not part of the Twilight series) and the movie adaptation is due in theaters in December.

They have no idea what they’re reading.  Written for young adults, this book maintains a PG rating (at least through the first two books; my daughter has hinted a steamy progression, but I’ve yet to get that far).  As I read Twilight, I kept thinking "[Teens] can’t possibly understand the depth of Bella’s and Edward’s longing…", it’s almost wasted effort.  In the end, though, the book’s popularity is due to a) compelling writing, b) romance, c) fairy tales, d) good guys/bad guys, e) adventure, f) the forbidden, g) Average girl gets the model-y guy, h) danger, i) cliffhangers…

Good gravy!  I could write six alphabets of why the series is a success!  If you’ve read any or all, add to my list in comments– WHY has the Twilight series hit a nerve for the young and not-so-young?

It takes one to know one.  Hat’s off to Marmite and Tea, the first of several (Alison, Shelly and Sarah) who KNEW in an instant what I was talkin’ about.  They, too, must have tasted this ambrosial fruit.

Want a bite? I just skimmed through the pages of New Moon, and this jumped out at me.  Swooning…commences…NOW!

"His mouth was on mine then, and I couldn’t fight him.  Not because he was so many thousand times stronger than me, but because my will crumbled into dust the second our lips met.  This kiss was not quite as careful as others I remembered, which suited me just fine.  If I was going to rip myself up further, I might as well get as much in trade as possible.

"So I kissed him back, my heart pounding out a jagged, disjointed rhythm while my breathing turned to panting and my fingers moved greedily to his face.  I could feel his marble body against every line of mine, and I was so glad he hadn’t listened to me–there was no pain in the world that would have justified missing this.  His hands memorized my face, the same way mine were tracing his, and in the brief seconds when his lips were free, he whispered my name." New Moon, p. 512.

S i g h…xo

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