Monday started five minutes ago and now it’s Friday but I can’t figure out how THAT happened and the Tennessee Valley has gone INSANE because gas lines are longer than they were in the 70s and it appears this is a local phenomena (phenomenon?) and I’m wishin’ I had a Moped (which lookes like the word "moped" which is a sad word, but Mopeds are fun bikes on wheels, so go figure) but that would be VERY difficult for transporting two teens and a tween, let alone look VERY silly and a bit too close for comfort (Revised:  I just paid 30 cents more/gallon than I did yesterday and I feel used…veryveryvery used DON’T EVEN ASK ME what I think about Big Oil right now but it’s right up there with why I’m thankful my salvation’s secure amen and amen).

So just like the mad-mad-mad-mad world I’m crazy busy but in a good way and I haven’t found? made? time to complete all the tags y’all keep zinging me with or award fake-twinkie-haiku prizes (but I will) and I forgot to even share that I was featured on Blog Nosh magazine and my post had almost 1,000 hits (BOOYAH!) and what’s taking up the majority of my online time right now is this little baby that officially launches MONDAY PEOPLE! 

I haven’t breathed yet, have I?  WHO NEEDS TO BREATHE?  I’M RUNNING ON PURE ADRENALINE and Dunkin Donuts coffee, thankyewverymuch and oh dear a dozen emails are running through my head I’ve yet to respond to but I will I will I promise I will just give me five more minutes, k?  (Revised ~ and I’m getting hate love mail about WHERE IS FRIDAY’S 40 MISSY? but my name’s not Missy but normally I do host Friday’s 40 so me thinks I’m not the only looney in the bin…I’m just sayin’…)

For your pleasure and in compensation for reading this uncharacteristically manic non-punctuated post I give you VINTAGE B-52s!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If "Love Shack" doesn’t get you cranking then you must be comatose or dead (thanks to my tweeples @kellyatlovewell and @susaninva for reminding me)!

DANCE WITH ME PEOPLE!!!  Robin says…!

N o w ... CARPE freakin’ DIEM!!!

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