In a divisive, contentious, electrically-charged political year, comic relief is more than welcome.  Thanks to Cloris Leachman (bless-her-heart) who has somewhat cleaned up that hussy beginning on Dancing With the Stars to provide buckets of laughter in our household.  Hold tight til the minute-thirty mark, and you’ll see the clip we played over and over and over last night.

The invention of DVR blesses me.  Seriously.  Cause this mama is convinced that laughter is divine.

How ’bout a bonus happy clip?  I love the Jive; imho no one can top Kristi & Mark’s last year’s version, but Lance & Lacey were my favorite dance of the night (if you’ll stick around til the two-minute point, you’re sure to leave with a smile, too).


Ha–apparently I suffer from short-term memory loss!   I had completely forgotten when I originally fell in love with the Jive until I re-read my Kristy-Mark post.  Fifteen seconds of fame is about right :).

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