We recently discovered a gadget that you need to know about (if you don’t already):  Magic Sliders

They can help you move a 2,500-pound piece of furniture with ease…EASE, I tell ya!  (Even more, depending on the size of Magic Slider).  I’ve got back issues, so moving furniture has become a risk for me; one I’m just not interested in taking. 

Slip these little suckers under the feet or base of just about anything, and you can move it as if it had wheels.  You’ll feel like Superwoman…or like David (of Goliath fame)…or an ant carting off a grasshopper.

Empowerment is a good thing, yes?  Especially when it can be bought for under $10 at your local hardware store! 🙂

Note:  This is not a solicited product review.  We discovered these by accident and were amazed by how effective they are!

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