You know how it is when someone shows up on your back door for a surprise visit, and the breakfast–and lunch–dishes are still in the sink (and on a reallyREALLY bad day, the ones from the night before)??

Or say, you’re a sassy, sweet young single thang dressed to the nines, and while strolling your best-loved aisles of your most-adored bookstore, you run into the most darling fella you’ve stumbled across in ages, made much more so because of his beautiful eyes and warm, engaging conversational skill–only to realize the pepper in between your top two teeth was complimented by dried, foamy half and half on your nose from your caramel machiatto…

Or maybe worst of all, you write an excoriating post about something (or someone) that made you spit nails, except your intention was simply to vent your frustrated emotions, and instead of "save to draft" you accidentally click "publish" and when you discover it the next morning, you’ve had your highest comment count EVER and though you now delete the post, it’s already in 10,000 readers’ readers? 

Well, that’s exactly how I feel.  Sans the 10,000 readers.

It looks like a bunch of new friends are visiting my little blog after BlissDom ’08, and I’m eight shades of proud (not!) for the whiz-bang of a front page I’ve got up right now…

Oh, dear………PLEASE COME BACK LATAH!  Read my 100 Things!  Check out the Trifecta series in my left sidebar!  Subscribe to me in a reader or via email SO YOU WILL EVENTUALLY REALIZE "this" isn’t actually the best of Robin @ PENSIEVE.

Prettypretty please?

Pitiful Excuse Warning

  1. My kids were on Fall break last week and I was livin’ more than I was writin’…
  2. I was w o r k i n g on important stuff.
  3. I had a conference to get ready for!!

T h e n,  a g a i n, there was Bittersweet Momology…and a recipe for the Best Apple Pie of the Universe*, so m a y b e it wasn’t a total loss….

Anyways…THANK YOU if you ARE a first-time or newish reader.  Let me know you checked in, how you found PENSIEVE, and give me a way to get back with ya.

And stay tuned from some SERIOUSLY whiz bang posts…as soon as my husband goes back to work and I return from his conference in Atlanta.

Durn…that sounds like another P.E.W.!

**according to my family 🙂

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