I interrupt my holiday baking–at the moment cinnamon rolls and a chocolate pound cake–to share some holiday cheer ~


When I was a child, Linus' monologue meant little to me; now, I fully appreciate its significance.  I can't help but wonder if "A Charlie Brown Christmas" was produced today, would this scene have made the cut?   Would the title have remained the same, or instead, taken on a generic "A Charlie Brown Holiday Special Extravaganza" or something equally benign?  

I wonder…:).  What do you think?


In unrelated but fun Christmas Eve news, the infamous "mom" of the Mother Letter Project has been revealed!  I wish I could've seen her face when she unwrapped her gift!  


Back to cookin'…I think it's about time to punch down my dough just to let it rise again!  What are you doin' on this dreary-in-the-Tennessee-Valley Christmas Eve?  Snow?  Sunshine?  Shout it out!!

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