Overheard while in a dressing room, trying on the cutest Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati top–

Woman 1:  "It's black.  Anything can go over black.  It's a law.  I'm sure it's written somewhere."

Woman 2: {{giggles in agreement}}

(So did I.)

Woman 1:  "Look at this (obviously reading the tag)–"One Free World, made in China…now that's irony for ya!"

Woman 2:  {{snorts in agreement}}

(me, too)

When I left the dressing room, I looked in the direction of the voices and laughter; turns out, it was a mother-daughter combo, the daughter was in her early 20s.  They clearly were having fun trying on clothes, and it made me smile and anticipate with eagerness shopping trips with my daughter in a few years.

They looked in my direction as I said, "I couldn't help eavesdropping on your conversation.  Y'all were cracking me up!"

They just smiled "ready" smiles.  I'm almost certain they were happy to spread a little joy my way :).

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