So I'm sitting in my Bible study last night, listening intently to the discussion about Paul putting a smack down on the Galatians (and being on my best behavior because Picture 6
my friend Julie and I had eaten Zalads at Zaxby's and walked in a wee bit late and everybody looked at us and saw my Zaxby's cup of sweet tea and I was totally busted), when my cell phone, politely on "manners mode", buzzed me. 

Since "everyone" who would be calling me knows where I am on Wednesday nights, I figured it was my children, so OF COURSE my attention was temporarily diverted to see if one of them was in need (my husband was busy watching Stephen Curry–pronounced " / 'st?fin/–and the Davidson Wildcats put their own smackdown on the UTC Mocs).

I opened my phone to read the following text, copied exactly as it was written:

"can u explain to me these 2 sentences of chemistry to me? bohrs application of quantum theory to electron energy levels in atoms resulted in an explanation of the hydrogen spectrum. the lines observed in the spectrum are consistent with the idea that quantization limits the possible energies that an electron in a hydrogen atom can contain…."

And then the line that made me fall out of my chair–

"…you know just off the top of ur head? :)"

I'm sorry, Joe.  I don't think I heard a word you said after that.

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