Chris Tomlin is one of my favorite performing artists, and when his Indescribable Tour included a stop in our home town a while back, we determined it was a concert we didn't want to miss…even if we had to listen to some guy named Louie Giglio and endure the eleventy-seventh presentation of the Gospel (a character flaw of mine, I'm not proud of the self-centered attitude…). 

Well, Chris did not disappoint–I love his style, his voice, the depth of his lyrics–he's a masterful worship leader. 

The surprise was Giglio–enthusiastic, entertaining, passionate, compelling and convincing.  His knowledge of science married to his mastery of Scripture resulted in a phenomenal  gospel presentation; one that would give the most hardcore skeptic reason to doubt his faithlessness.

I found a series of youtube clips from the tour; here's the first of five clips from Louie's presentation.  Once you watch the first one I hope you'll click the links for the rest.  It takes a few minutes to get into the rhythm of his thoughts, but once he's gotcha, you'll wanna stick with it to the end…it keeps getting better and better.  I promise :).

Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five

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