"P r o g r e s s" (she says loosely) next door has resulted in me treading water–a new home under construction and related heavy truck traffic has sliced through the cabling that furnishes our home telephone, tv cable and internet service three times this week.  It's why I've been unusually quiet since returning from my trip to South Carolina. 

I'm working on several posts I had hoped to complete, but while those were stalled due to technical difficulties, Spring cleaning has begun early in mi casa.  It's also a beautiful Saturday in the Tennessee Valley and "some" of us are headed out for a bike ride and "others" of us are headed downtown on a photo walk; we'll all meet up at Coolidge park eventually.

In the meantime, after posing a question about "tradition" on Twitter and Facebook, this song was mentioned a few times.  It's in keeping with one of my posts, so very appropriate to consider.  Please…do yourself a favor:  watch the video, delight in the song, and share with me your thoughts about traditions.

  • the traditions your family celebrates (the daily things or special occasion)
  • why they're important to you
  • your favorites as a child and now as an adult
  • the traditions you detest
  • any other thoughts about establishing, keeping…or sometimes letting go of traditions and why

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