Pepperoni pizza Gag-a-maggot (!) I couldn't even watch the clip on You Tube–two Dominoes Pizza employees in Conover, NC, reportedly cramming cheese up their nose, passing gas on salami AND THEN SERVING SUBS TO CUSTOMERS!  Narrated one of the pair, "In about five minutes these will be sent out and somebody will be
eating these — yes, eating these.  And
little do they know that the cheese was in his nose and that there was
some lethal gas that ended up on their salami. Now that's how we roll
at Domino's." 

After involuntarily dry-heaving, all I could think about was their mamas.  It reinforces why I often admonish my children when they walk out the door "Remember Whose you are…" and "Make wise choices…" and "DON'T DO ANYTHING STUPID…!"  I think the two now facing FELONY charges might have avoided a heap of trouble had they considered those "Mamaisms" before BROADCASTING EPIC STUPIDITY ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB!

Then again–and not by any means to excuse it–is it just a case of life imitating art?  These kids potentially have ingested a steady diet of gross out their entire lives from the cult classic "Animal House" to "Jackass" to "American Pie" to I don't know what's current, this genre ain't my cup o' tea.

Dominoes U.S.A. President, Patrick Doyle, quickly responded to their video with one of his own; is it enough to repair the damage wrought by two kids carelessly manufacturing a Youtube hoax?  Do you wanna order Dominoes anytime soon, regardless of this being an isolated instance–and a joke at that?  What do you think are the far-reaching repercussions to Dominoes or fast food in general?  Have you heard stories like this before (that didn't happen to make the national news)?

In an already shaky economy, this franchise owner might not ever recover from this; I feel for him.  The two Dominoes "team members" now fired and facing criminal charges?  Reluctantly, I feel for them, too.  Theirs was a ridiculously, disgusting (and I pray!) joke-gone-wrong, and it looks like they'll be facing prosecution from a giant with deep pockets, understandably blind to their humor.

Yet, if you have teenagers or have ever worked with teenagers, you know how they can ACT before they THINK.  I hope one message our own children have heard from us is their actions lead to consequences…so think first…consider what those consequences might be. 

I hope you use this as a teaching opportunity for your tweens and teens.  The last laugh in this case?  Isn't very funny at all…:/

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