I'm standing in the shower while a perpetual army of water soldiers fights off the day's sweat and filth and emotion when I notice the shelf in front of me.  I mentally tick off seven miniature bottles whose purpose is to clean, condition, soften and fragrance the top of my head to the bottom of my feet..when I lose it.

It's the second time today the tear dam burst when I didn't even know there was a crack in the dike. 


I've seen things this week I shouldn't have.

I've seen things this week I shouldn't have because they just shouldn't "be" to begin with.

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To all of you who've followed our trip and/or stumbled onto Pensieve from my team mates' sites, thank you for your encouragement, support and prayers this week; I am humbly grateful.  I hope you'll subscribe to my feed, request emails and/or follow me in Twitter so we can keep the story going…:)

~ xo,


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