For all you Twitter naysayers?   Sometimes it PAYS TO TWEET!




I’ve been acquainted with Squarespace since before I started blogging; two friends who introduced me to blogging used their platform.  When I decided to start my own, I ended up with Blogger, too cheap to pay for service.  I’ve always been impressed with their professionalism, however, and I think they’re BRILLIANT with their ; in their words, :

“… looking for a way to show our appreciation to our fans and to say thanks for helping us grow 100% over the last few months! With our own Squarespace iPhone app in the works, we thought giving away iPhones would be a great way to celebrate with everyone who loves Squarespace just as much as we do!”

Well, I didn’t know if creativity had anything to do with it, but I began composing haikus (those who read me know I’m a poetry freak); here’s my winning tweet ~



I’m stunned but not quite speechless.  And, suddenly, I feel like dancing.  Join me, please??

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{P.P.S.  And check out the phenomenal , , and we can meet in September}

NOW, let’s dance!!


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