Imitation is not plagiarism the most sincere form of flattery right?

So I see this tweet from Schmutzie yesterday and because it involved a propah use of the word "incumbent", I was obligated to click through and comment.  Apparently, I'm easily persuaded and bear a strong sense of imagined obligation to others.

But I also found her post to be a fun and novel idea, so I'm takin' it and runnin' and I'm hopin' you'll join me for the ride.  Motivated by the desire to know just "who" you are–anyone who happens to read or subscribe to or receive emails from my blog.  Even if you found me by searching for "smartest woman in the world" or "best parenting blogger of all time" or (resorting to realism) "Paula Deen blog" or "What is a pensieve and how do you pronounce it?" or my favorite, "Best apple pie in the world".  Regardless of whether you have your own blog…(if you think that's a reference to you, it probably is 😉 )

Would you pretty-please-with-honest-to-goodness-whipped-cream-on-top comment answers to the following?  I'm picking up Schmutzie's questions and embellishing a wee little bit until she calls in the lawyers and tells me to delete this post and looking VERY forward to hearing from you! 

   a) Share your website url & a one-sentence description (hopefully, this will generate interest back to your site!!!).
   b) Where do you live?
   c) What strange belief/idea did you have as a child?

And copying imitating Schmutzie, I'll be happy to start the comments; however, unlike her, I won't be reveling nekkid in the comment section, because we all know that would not be pretteh, eh?

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