I just realized I lost over eight hours of work.

I have been sitting at my computer since 6:30 this morning, writing individual giveaway posts for the Blog Hop.  To me, it seemed the easiest way to keep track of winners.

 In Typepad, you can change the filename HTML at the bottom of your screen, and basically, I would save my post, re-title the next one, change the filename HTML, and write on the same page. 

It's a cookie cutter formula, but what has taken HOURS is tracking down links, uploading graphics, making sure I'm adhering to any sponsor request, creating bit.ly links so pre-formatted Tweets would work, etc.

I just realized I've been over-writing EVERY post because I didn't click "New Post" in Typepad.  I thought that would be automatic because I was giving each post a new filename…but instead, I've lost eight hours {think how it works in Word, when you "Save as" a file and retain the original.}

My kids are sick of seeing me sit at the computer (I hadn't anticipated this year's Blog Hop would require so much more time than last year's).

My husband is sick of seeing me sit at the computer….

And, in this moment, I'M sick of seeing me sit at the computer.

I am sooo, so sorry but I have to step away for a bit.  PLEASE, PLEASE continue visiting each other on the list–I am SO THRILLED by the comments I'm seeing here and elsewhere–y'all are blessing ME by enjoying one another! 

I don't mean to be melodramatic, but frustration is pouring down my face right now in rivers…. In the over-all scheme of life, this is NOTHING, but in this moment?   My head is about to explode…I feel awful for not doing what I said I would WHEN I said I would.  And I HATE feeling this STUPID. 

I'll rework the giveaway posts soon…but there's no way I can do video chat tonight.  PLEASE FORGIVE ME!  I would love it if one of **you** took charge and orchestrated that!  Communicate it in Twitter or however you see fit.  The Blog Hop was supposed to be about all of us, anyway, and I'm just one cog in the wheel.

Thanks for understanding….

~ Robin

p.s.  BTW…for all my friends who've encouraged me to WRITE in word, then cut & paste?  Ummm, ye-ah…THIS is the straw that broke that camel's back…!

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