So, I get this email JUST NOW that tells me I've GOT TO MOVE FURNITURE THAT WEIGHS 10 TIMES MORE THAN ME because the carpet people are returning to fix the waves that are now rolling in our year-old carpet and THEY WON'T MOVE ANYTHING THAT WEIGHS OVER 25 POUNDS, SO BIG, BULKY STRONG MEN ARE BULLYING ME into doing it BY MYSELF because my husband is at work and can't come home and I hate it when people are litigious because this is why the big, bulky strong men won't move anything because they're scared of a lawsuit if they break something…or else they're just lazy.


THEN, I find out I'm HATED AND DESPISED looked down upon?  thought less of?  because I chose to sign up for Sponsored Tweets and there's this whole contingency to unfollow people in Twitter who exercised their right to make a decision apart from group think????


Suddenly I feel like I've got a bulls eye painted right between my eyes.  N o w I understand what .  🙁


I'm not very strong.


I was asked by a friend WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD I DO THAT?!  That people HATE those who are compensated for tweets.  She's concerned about my reputation and though she didn't come out and say it, the general opinion is people like "me" are sell outs.  {Revised:  in talking with my friend again, she made the distinction that people hate paid tweets not the person tweeting them.  Big difference, but potentially the same consequence.}

I appreciate her brutal honesty and because I believe she's concerned about me, I wasn't offended in the least.

But I am confused.  I don't understand how the same people who are ranting against people accepting compensation for 140 characters are the same people who

  • accept trips from companies who go to great expense to demonstrate they "get it" when it comes to the voice of bloggers (mom bloggers in particular).
  • receive free products for review.
  • flood Twitter with multiple comments about why a brand [they're in alignment with or spokesperson for or a team member of or whatEVER the distinction…] is one their followers should pay attention to.

And here's the thing:  that's fine with me.  I understand people have their reasons for the choices they make, and if those choices serve them, that's their business.

I don't disparage others because I don't agree with those choices.  I'm not trying to wrangle the masses to take a stand against some perceived injustice or abuse of [name your social media platform].  I don't understand the hostility, the venom I read by others.

By people I like.  Respect.  Follow.  And will probably continue to do so. 

I chose to sign up for Sponsored Tweets because I happen to like Ted Murphy.  While we're very different people, I appreciate his entrepreneurial spirit and joie de vivre.  It's not spamming–the sponsored tweet is published ONCE.  I choose what I say yes to and I'm not obligated for anything.  I told Ted via Twitter yesterday I saw it as "win-win-win–for sponsor/tweeter/followers; EVERYONE gains something of value."

For me, I'm compensated for lending my voice and sharing 140 characters of cyberspace. 

Why would I "sell out"?  Because while writing is a passion of mine, it takes time and work and intention and it warrants a second mention, TIME.  The Blog Hop last week?  INSANE amounts of time I didn't anticipate.  For that, I received no financial compensation but it was an honor to encourage others who felt "less than" in some instances because they aren't in a position to attend BlogHer (or like conferences where it FEELS like "everyone" else is going, but few really are); I was thrilled to be a bridge-builder and connect bloggers with others with whom they might not otherwise cross paths; it was FUN to be able to offer a few giveaways and hear the excitement from the winners.  I was paid in words and encouragement and kindness.

I've had the privilege of being a mostly at-home mom for 17 years.  Throughout that time–until we moved to Tennessee six years ago–I was able to use my education and experience in marketing, public relations and advertising in consulting roles and even to create and run a children's program at my former church.  When I moved here, my contacts were non-existent and my focus was on my children and growing roots and starting over and serving our school and leading or taking part in ministry. 

Our three children range in age from 12 to almost 17; expenses are greater than ever and I longingly look back to the times I thought diapers and wipes would bankrupt us.  For months now I've looked at ways to supplement our budget while allowing me the luxury of remaining available to our children.  Flexibility is important.

S i g h….

I don't feel the need to justify my choices to "you". 

I don't keep up with how many followers I have in Twitter and I'm not retaliatory (i.e., if you unfollow me then I automatically unfollow you).  If my association with Sponsored Tweets is so objectionable to followers that they need to cut ties with me?  Do what you have to do. 

I'm not ranting for the fun of it.  I don't stand on a soapbox high and mighty with fist raised in the air trying to persuade you to agree with me. 

I'm writing because I want to hear your opinion. 

I don't want my voice to become impotent because I'm paid for my time when I write fully-disclosed, occasional sponsored posts.  Or tweets. 

Guilt by association…it feels like I've been tried and convicted in the court of cyber public opinion…or bullied at the hand of self-appointed judges….

And daggum it, my flesh wants to dig in just because a twisted finger of accusation is cast in my direction.  I'm not proud of that.

Do you have thoughts on the matter?  Have you written about the subject?  Agree or disagree?  Couldn't care less?  Have no idea what I'm talking about?

Please chime in…I'm listening….

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