There can never be a more beautiful y o u

I've always loved the message of Barlow Girl.  Yes, I like their musicality, passion and conviction, but the underlying message of their lyrics is one I'm glad my children are exposed to (both my daughter and sons are fans).  It's positive, it speaks Truth, and sometimes they write with a depth and wisdom beyond their years.  "Mirror–from their self-titled debut a few years ago–is one that serves as a reminder of true beauty in the eyes of the Master Beholder.

"More Beautiful You", this time sung by Johnny Diaz, offers the same message of beauty and uniqueness in each young woman.  It's a message we all need to hear at that vulnerable age when "super model" seems to be an achievable? desirable? standard (which eventually we learn is a lie) when a zit or bad hair day makes us feel like a troll instead.  

Honestly, I didn't care for this song much when I first heard it…until the bridge.  I loved that (beginning at the 2:16 mark) and it gave me reason to listen closer the next time I heard it.  Then I googled the lyrics.  Then I watched the video and caught a glimpse of the wonders of model-y photoshopping.  Then I decided to share it with you.  Enjoy; I hope you do so with a tween or teen girl in your own life, to help her see, to remember, to believe she's one of a kind.

Which is pretty doggone special in my book.


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