One of my happiest childhood memories is licking the bowl.  Didn't matter whether it was a batch of cookies or batter for a cake, there was something deliciously forbidden about swirling my index finger around the rim of the bowl and savoring the sticky sweetness of sugar and flour and butter–oooh my

102382272_5ede9da0bd Susie's mom was the best–she actually left extra in the bowl so there really was enough to savor.  In our home, the bowl was nearly scraped clean; threading tongue through stainless beaters usually yielded a better reward.  Had the beaters been razor sharp, I'd probably be mute by now.

I've never lived in fear of salmonella poisoning from eating raw eggs.  If I think about that too long, it kind of wigs me out, but I've never gotten sick from eating batter or dough and I've never known anyone else to, either.

My husband is a raw dough and batter boy; my children are raw dough and batter kids.  We feel sorry for those who deny themselves the simple pleasure.

The other night my daughter decided to make chocolate chip cookies.  I don't know this for a fact, but I'd wager a quarter of the dough never made it to the pan.  When she finished the last batch, she began "pre-cleaning" the bowl. 

It's important to know she likes chocolate chips in the finished cookie, but her preference is to eat the dough plain.  With no one else around, she accomplished this by scraping dough from the bowl's sides and spooning it in her mouth…but the chips went back into the bowl.

With cookies in the oven for 12-15 minutes, Rachel went up to her room; shortly after, my husband came in from work.  He saw the bowl of dough sitting on the counter, grabbed a spoon and started scraping….

never questioning why there might be a disproportionate amount of chips.

They aren't making eye contact and still aren't speaking.

Photo credit:  Strychnine on Flickr

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