When I heard the Tennessee Valley's weather forecast today–sunny and upper 70s–my short-lived happy dance was quickly replaced with the only appropriate response from a middle-aged mom of three teens:

I ran through the house arms flailing overhead, a shrill strumming from my vocal chords shattering all manner of glass for six miles.  

Think "grown-up female Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone", and let's just say that ain't purdy.  

Jamie-Lee-Curtis-natural-photo; from MORE magazines 9/02 articleBathing suit season is upon us.

Somewhere in your 40s something happens:  your body betrays you.  

My diet hasn't changed; I eat the same moderate to small portions I've enjoyed for years.  But, good gravy, gravity is bearing down, fleshy body barnacles are erupting as saddlebags and pooches, and metabolism has completely left the building.  

I'm walkin' a thin line right now and I'm not sure yet which side I'll choose:  give in to aging with grace and acceptance or punch it in the face with a wrecking ball.

Decisions, decisions.  

Last year I wrote a helpful post about swim suit shopping tips for moms; this year I'm wondering if, instead, I should start a retro swimwear movement.  IF I:

  1. Started writing consistently again;
  2. Re-engaged my blogging community with responses to comments here and by lavishing comments elsewhere;
  3. Begged blogging buds with ginormous readerships–Jenny & Ree & Shannon & Sophie & Michelle, and heck, even my BFF Paula Deen–to jump on the bandwagon (do I dare suggest to The Queen of Butter to use less of it???);
  4. Encouraged (in)courage writers and readers to rally the cause;
  5. Arm-twisted the fashionistas at Blissfully Domestic & Mom Generations to write features and recommendations;
  6. From Glamour Daze blog; Mack_Sennett's_bathing_beauties_posed_on_automobileConvinced Victoria's Secrets they'd make a killin' if they'd create a line called "More is less" and "Real is Right" where a woman's "secrets" are actually well hidden. Jamie Lee Curtis would be the perfect spokeswoman and "I-LIKE-my-jiggly-parts" Niecy Nash (see the 1.08 minute mark) will inspire throngs (NOT to be confused with thongs) of mah-ture women everywhere.  

I can sense this in my person….it's all coming together now.   WE'REMADASHELLANDWEAREN'TGOINGTOTAKEITANYMORE!!  MOTHERS UNITE!!  A swimsuit revolution–are you in???





do I just need to shut up, close my laptop, strap on a pair of Shape-ups/MBTs/Easy Tones and get my jiggly parts out the door…?

Your turn:  how 'bout share your best-favorite tip for getting into shape for swimsuit season!  I need all the help I can get.  Bonus points to anyone who gets me in shape by Memorial Day. 😀  

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