DSC_0115 When Biltmore staff invited a group of bloggers and journalists for a familiarization tour, it was calculated risk: they didn't require that we write about our experiences but, understanding bloggers and social media enthusiasts, it was a safe bet we'd have something to say. Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, Flickr, smart phones and personal blogging have changed the way we travel; or at least the way we're able to communicate about it.  Buh-bye boring slide shows, hellllooo real-time Twitpics!

DSC_0086 There's a special place in my heart for the city of Asheville and the Biltmore Estate, begun on my honeymoon 23 years ago; I'm always eager for the chance to return (just one of the appeals of Kelby Carr's Type-A Mom Conference!).  

Not because Biltmore has demanded or even expects it, but because I'm enchanted with this eclectic Southern destination, I'd like to share several aspects of my trip with you.  To keep it manageable and hopefully interesting, I'll try to show more than I tell over the series of posts–assorted, miniature, delicious bites that leave you wanting more.

Like tapas.  

~ Mmmm….enjoy!

My most sincere, heartfelt gratitude to Jean, Sherida and Kelby for their part in making this trip seamless, memorable and delightfully FULL!

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