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"You're gonna blog about how you made a mistake, Mom…aren't you?" my daughter, unamused, not so much suggesting as demanding.

I blame it on Fighting Gravity.  They were the ones who made me say it in the first place.

I was oblivious until I received a phone call from a friend and her son (together on speaker), and honestly, even then, I thought it was just a simple, isolated misunderstanding.  But when my kids saw it–first my 13-year-old son, then my 18-year-old daughter–and had the same reaction (eyeballs popping out of their heads and jaws smacking the floor silly) I decided m a y b e I needed to clarify.

"FTW"…three letters that I (and countless others on Twitter) interpret as "For the win."  A happy little phrase, a celebratory abbreviation, a hashtag to attach enthusiastic emphasis at the end of a comment, something good.  Like when I believed Fighting Gravity's black light illusion performance was a winner for America's Got Talent and I used "FTW" in my post title.

B u t it appears my friend Amanda and her son Jack…and my children–none of whom use this expression!–thought I m.i.g.h.t. be saying something a l e e t l e bit less savory.  Ef-bombin' the world so to speak.  (My whiz-bang research across the internets uncovered a ton more potential meanings.  Go figure.)

WTH(eck)????  While I think Anne Lamott has a lot to say, and I adore my long-time blog lovie The Bloggess–both of whom profanely salt and cayenne tepin pepper their writings–I will never post efbombs or anything more salty than a well-placed Southern "dayem" or an appropriately necessary "hell" (hmmm, both of which seem rather gratuitous here…) because I never know when my husband, kids, friends, MY FRIENDS' KIDS, my {in}courage bosses…AND GOD might read my posts!  

My language in traffic is another story, but this ain't True Confessions….  

Ai yi yi…so thisTHIS–is why my kids finally asked me to blog a post.  So I am…

…and it's totally FTW.

You're welcome to choose your own interpretation 😉

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