Watching Dancing with the Stars is one of my weekly guilty pleasures.  In the unspoken places of my mind reserved for self delusion I believe I could do what the stars do if only Derek Hough would take me on the dance floor or Maksim Chmerkovskiy had his way with me.  Those boys are the habañeros of dancin'–not just hot…their moves are incendiary!

This year's frontrunner is Jennifer Grey and I'm pullin' for her because–

  • she represents 50 spectacularly
  • she doesn't let an ol' titanium plate in her neck to stabilize her spinal cord get in the way of incredible execution
  • she conquered cancer
  • Patrick Swayze's ghost is nearby (though I might be getting my movies tangled just a leetle 😉 )
  • "Bueller…Bueller…"
  • Nobody puts baby in a corner!

But mostly because her lines and technique are exquisite or sharp or fluid depending on what they're supposed to be.  Plus, I applaud her determination, veiled in performance but obvious in practice.

Watch tonight's performance; I actually clapped when it was over!  She and Hough earned the season's first tens, an indicator of what we have to look forward to.

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