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Two boys and a mom



Posted by on Apr 16, 2012 | 7 comments

I like to car dance.

It's not like I set out to shake-my-groove-thang when I get in the car; it's more a subconscious respond to happy tunes jammin' on the radio (closet fellow car dancers HOLLA!).  

My heart spins merry to see someone else at a redlight having a dance-y moment!  I can't help but think we ARE the world….

My boys don't mind so much as long as none of their friends are riding along, but sometimes I forget The Rules.  Like the other day.  

Remember, I've been out of the country a few months, so songs that have been playing a while are new to me.  

So we're driving down the road and the youngest is channel surfing (MY HEART I love it when he and his friends break into song!) when he stops at one.  I'm barely paying attention, and without realizing it, I'm acting out the song–

"…the way you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed…" and I flip my hair.  

Stephen picks up on this immediately and I'm thinking he's laughing AT me when he informs the back seat, "My mom just flipped her hair…." 

but instead of responding to him I demand, "WHO'S SINGING THIS SONG?  I LOVE IT!" and he can't remember their name.

Beyond the flipping the hair line I miss most of the lyrics, but I can't help but catch the tune, 'cause, you know, it's catchy.

* * * * * * *

Same day, I'm talking to the older brother about their sister.  I say, "She has no idea she's beautiful SHE HAS NO IDEA HOW BEAUTIFUL SHE IS!" and he says, "You just quoted the lyrics from a song almost word for word.

I'm like What song? and he educates me about the boy band phenom One Direction.

So I do what you do at time like this and I searched You Tube and clicked the first response What Makes You Beautiful…99,490,681 page views, people.  

Understandably, my Hip Mom card has been revoked.

My philosophy is better late than never to the party, so if you haven't heard of One Direction, I am both happy to introduce you and give you reason to Happy Dance today; while driving in your car is optional. 

Enjoy ~

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Blinded by the white ~ a rare, Bavarian winter spectacular



Posted by on Feb 20, 2012 | 12 comments

It has occurred only twice in one hundred years, during the winter of 1911 and again during this winter.  The first was in a non-violent protest of sorts; the second a celebration and commemoration of the first.

SchneeKirche, translated in English, Snow Church


Ex-pats visiting SchneeKirche, aka Snow Church, in Mitterfirmiansreut, BavariaIts singular beauty might have gone unknown to us had Deede, a fellow ex-pat from Tennessee, not invited us for a road trip to Mitterfirmiansreut, Bavaria, a small alpine town that shares Germany’s border with the Czech Republic.  About two hours away, it was more than worth the drive and price of admission. 

Snowdrifts-taller-than-meCamera strapped on and rivaling the Abominable Snowman or Pillsbury Doughboy, I was ready.  Tad paid the €5 for our tickets and we were on our way…

…if we could have only seen where we were going!



Visibility was about 25 meters.

We were told not to touch the ice sculptures and I thought, “WHAT ice sculptures?!”  As our eyes adjusted to the thick fog, they seemed to appear when we were within touching distance. 


Snow SculptureMitterfirmiansreut, Bavaria, February 2012.  My best guess is this is a representation of God protecting SnowKirche; that seems to be the little shape on the pedestal.

Snow sculpture outside Snow Church

Snow sculpture near SchneeKirche

Snow Church’s welcoming committee, my favorite snow sculpture.


As our eyes carve through the fog, SchneeKirche comes into view.



SchneeKirche entrance signage

In 1911 when the original SchneeKirche was constructed, villagers built it in protest because officials wouldn’t build a church in their town; they were deemed too poor and rural.  In order to worship, they had to travel a ways to a nearby town.  During December of that year, Mitterfirmiansreut had heavy snowfall, preventing townspeople from traveling.  They decided to take matters into their own hands, and constructed a church from the only materials available to them:  snow and ice. 

The winter of 2011/2012 marked SchneeKirche’s 100th anniversary, so locals decided to construct a modern snow church in commemoration of their history.  It opened in late December and they hope it remains intact through March. 



DSC_0983Snow Church’s interior, February 2012.  My loose translation,
“Show some respect–stay off the stinkin’ alter!”


LeAna. Robin & Molly at Snow Churchl-r, LeAna, who works with Tad, me, Molly, a translator.


Close up of Snow Church "bricks"A close-up of Snow Church’s icy “bricks,” oddly my favorite picture of the day.


DSC_0996Learning a bit more, at least Molly is because she’s fluent in German.



SchneeKirche was funded in part by local sponsors and cost about €70,000 to construct, so I’m not sure if this money is used for locals in need or somehow to maintain the structure. 


DSC_1006Evidence we were here…at least until the ink melts into paper. 
A nice little touch.

DSC_0019Hot, mulled wine, the perfect companion to our chilly tour.  Not only is this the first time I’ve tasted Glühwein, it’s the first time I ever HEARD of it!  Apparently it’s very popular during the winter in Germany (Europe?), especially during their famed Christmas markets.


DSC_0017I think our furry friend could have used a sip,
bless his little snow-faced heart.


Because it got crowded by the time I thought to video the interior, this isn’t the greatest quality, but at least you get a three-dimensional idea of SchneeKirche‘s interior–

Currently, there are no plans to construct a snow church in future years; which makes it even more special to have discovered it and had the chance to visit!


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A most excellent lesson in parenting



Posted by on Nov 11, 2011 | 4 comments

A few instances during my Parenting Series, I've mentioned others who have influenced and shaped how I parent (Day 2 and Day 22)

I forgot to mention Bill Cosby.  Seriously.

During the mid-80s and early 90s ~ my 20s ~ I watched Heathcliff and Claire Huxtable negotiate the oft piranha-filled waters of parenting.  What I liked best about the show was the intelligence and involvement of both parents; I can't think of another show that has since portrayed such positive images of a mother and father. 

As parents and lovers.

For fun today ~ but also as instruction ~ I'm sharing a video clip that left an indelible mark in my memory.  This episode (I think the show's pilot) has come to mind countless times during my parenting experience, and if you haven't seen it, you need to. 

You'll want to watch the entire clip; at the three-minute mark comes an eloquent speech by a son to his father.  I can't help but wonder how differently Cliff's response would be today, in a pop culture that sometimes (at least on television) elevates a child's expression over wise parenting.




Parenting Teens & Tweens, Day 22

We're nearing the end of our 31-day Parenting adventure; I'm grateful for those of you who are following the series.  Again, I'm not writing this because I think I know it all or because my kids are perfect.  I'm just a mom with three teens who has a little experience under my belt, and my kids are turning into the kind of decent people I hoped they would when I entered this world as a mom. 

Thanks to those of you who have subscribed in a reader or by email!

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And you thought golf was humorless or boring…??!!



Posted by on Jun 18, 2011 | 3 comments

Golf Boys Ben Crane, Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler & Hunter Mahan

Farmer-meets-Deliverance, Pimp-meets-Steven-Tyler, Bodysuit-meets-Wrong and Pretty-Boy-Meets-Pleather–this ain't your daddy's PGA ~

aka Ben Crane** (bodysuit), Bubba Watson (farmer?), Rickie Fowler (Bieber wannabe), & Hunter Mahan (Lord help him!), the PGA's exclusive (ahem) boy band. Apparently some people will do anything to raise money for charity…which instantaneously raises my estimation of aforementioned some people :).

And I missed this last year, but Dad Life is six shades of FABULOUS!  I saw my husband in a few of these guys….

Tulsa's Church on the Move opened their 2010 Father's Day service with this video which makes me wonder what the rest of the service entailed…. 


**Bonus:  From Ben Crane, who has been getting a lot of questions about how he looks so good…

  • "If you're angry, use the sledgehorn."
  • "I…experience Zone."
  • "I'm speaking to you as we speak, from the now, in the middle of the now…"

Ohmylanta, clicking around Ben's site, I'm his new biggest fan!  He's a "follower of Jesus, he and his wife are very passionate about supporting charities that help disadvantaged people in the world, and he knows how to have fun."  J'adore!

Bubba Watson, Rickie and Hunter?  They're some of the good guys giving golf a better name.  

Revised:  You gotta love how Ben Crane is using his platform for good…and how he's single-handedly changing the face of golf through humor.  I'm sure his videos are funnier if you've watched him as a golfer, but they're wicked awesome even if you haven't!  I think I've helped raise $1,000 for charity with my clicks alone…. 

You know I give chocolate when you subscribe in a reader or by email, right?  (Or is that I eat chocolate…?

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No excuses, daggum it!



Posted by on Mar 27, 2011 | 1 comment

I can live for two months on a good compliment.
~ Mark Twain

When someone pays you a compliment, how do you typically respond?  I know what my go-to mechanism is and I’m curious if you can relate.  I double-dawg-dare ya to make the jump to Connect to watch my latest vlogless than two minutes–then share your thoughts!



Poster created at Despair, Inc.

Scripture quotes is from the NLT, Proverbs 12:24

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“I ain’t got time to take no pictures, snap your eyes and remember the moment!”



Posted by on Mar 13, 2011 | 8 comments

Quite possibly the FUNNIEST thing you will EVER hear about remaining a virgin until marriage.  There's a lot of reason to laugh but John Gray makes his point well about anticipating the honeymoon after an intentional looooong wait!  Don't miss out by clicking away before you watch it!!

"My wife gonna be the first woman in history with a two-piece velcro breakaway dress, Vera Wang easy on, easy off!"  





Hat tip:  Ted Gocke

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