You learn a lot about people by the way they decorate their office. 

This week I had opportunity to learn about my daughter's youth director when I paid her an unexpected visit.  Since she didn't know I was coming…and because she was playing hookie…I decided to snoop around check out her office…

Instantly, my estimation of Jessi soared–

Leigh Standley Cape/Tiara quote/figure

I have a mad crush on Leigh Standley and all things Curly Girl Design!  And I'm pretty sure if Jessi had a cape and a nice tiara, she could save the world!

Livin' outside your comfort zone reminds me of the song "Danger Zone" which reminds me of Top Gun.  Somehow I think they're all related.

Neale Donald Walsch "Life" quote

I love this Emerson quote.  Except I don't just love it, I l o v e it.  You understand the difference, right? 

My favorite Emerson quote!
And that Horace Greeley quote?  That one is new to me but I think I like this guy.

Piper. {{{Swoon}}} (At Jessi, not John Piper, because I'm pretty sure swooning at John Piper is illegal.)

John Piper Quote

I wondered what scripture verses a youth director might have to encourage them to remain Christ focused, to inspire them when the goin' gets hard…

1 Peter 5:10

It's not what I expected but now that I think about it, it's perfect.

Jessi deserves a raise.



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