Christmas 2010 will be The One I remember decades from now–the year I celebrated my first white Christmas….and it just occurred to me there are no pictures WITH ME IN THEM documenting this monumental occasion!  

Then again I was being "Mom," capturing memories of my babies.

Children walking up snowy driveway

Trudging up our steep drive after a sledding run.


Snowy view from our Keeping Room :)

The view from our keeping room.



Our front porch stair rail looked like a little snow elf to me.



The snow was delicate, crystally and wet–perfect for snowballs (and yet there were no fights.  Hmmm….)



A gorgeous Winter Wonderland in Chattanooga!  



Snowman construction underway….



Rachel and Xavier the Snowman.



Stephen and Xavier.  Proud "parents" they are.

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