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Biltmore Festival of Flowers "I Couldn't Be Any Luckier" ~ If you haven't been a Phil Mickelson fan, you will be.

The Sage of St. Anthony ~ I was introduced to Coach Bob Hurley in a 60 Minutes segment last week; he defines hero.  Do not miss getting to know this one-kid-at-a-time World Changer.

"the girl and the Genius" ~ A post recently featured on Story Bleed, the spectacular, amazing prose-poetry of Amber Haines.  She makes me want to write better.

Biltmore Estate's Festival of Flowers has begun and from what I hear the grounds are floral fireworks!  If there's any way you can travel to Asheville, NC between now and May 15, treat yourself to breathtaking beauty!

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THERE'S STILL TIME TO BUY YOUR TICKETS!!  A wonderful event benefitting Chattanooga Endeavors, Inc., a local charitable organization I've only recently discovered.  Because my in-laws are deeply involved with prison ministry, I'm thankful to learn about what we're doing locally to help ex offenders.

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Janice and Susan from 5 Minutes for Mom are hosting their annual Ultimate Blog Party.  Especially if you're a newer blogger (or thinking about beginning), you will want to jump in this frantic, fun annual cyber event.  Plus, thousands of dollars in giveaways are up for grabs!  

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

{And if you're here visiting PENSIEVE from the UBP, skim through my 100 Things imaginary party post & let me know how we're similar/different in comments.} 

Your turn:  Please share a must-read link you've written or seen this week!

Photo credit:  Biltmore Estate

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