The pedigree of honey does not concern the bee;
a clover, anytime, to him, is aristocracy. 
~ Emily Dickinson


Upon lofty Lookout Mountain, delight and inspiration arrived unexpected, packaged in Springtime ritual.  Assuming a better vantage point–ground level–I'm sure my stance attracted a laugh or two:  balancing on my forearms with my behind in the air.  When I noticed my father-in-law was taking pictures of ME, the photoshoot came to an abrupt end.  

But not before I captured some marvelous images of a very busy bee!


Fuzzy, was he, bumble bee…

Bee and dandelion close up

Working for his queen, you see…

pollenating bee

Thief of golden dust, his quest

bee pollinating in spring on dandelion

Frenzied pace, no time for rest.

Bee covered in pollen macro

Instinctive heist, honeyed plunder,

Dandelion on Lookout Mountain

Can't help but watch in childlike wonder.






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