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We're taking our three teens to the Big Apple this Summer, and we'll have about 2 1/2 days in the City that Never Sleeps ('cause honestly, who can afford to take a family to New York longer than that???).  Think Beverly Hillbillies when they "loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly" except the Dances will "load up the van and visit NYC." 

I'm looking for your best tips, tricks and suggestions of what to do and see…and EAT!  Please take a minute and chime in!  If you're too shy (or haven't figured out how to comment I'm not naming names but you know who you are ;)) please email pensieve(dot)me(at)gmail.

And I would REALLY appreciate if you invited others to chime in, linking this post to Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon (tags: travel, NYC, New York, vacation, family), Google+, Tumbler, BlogFrog, LifeKraze–whereever anyone might have something to add!!  (Thank you!)  To make it easy, feel free to copy/paste the following:

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Please help @PensieveRobin plan a family trip to #NYC; she's looking for YOUR best #travel tips! http://bit.ly/ppjlAW {RT}


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