It started Christmas Day 2010 and it's been going on for nine months now–this is the craziest weather year I ever remember.  In Chattanooga:

  • We had our first ever White Christmas.
  • Multiple super cell tornados in April crushed a path of destruction…and sometimes death–in our corner of the world and the entire Southeast.
  • An early Summer heatwave, a beginning of record breaking temps.
  • August marked the driest month on recordever.  
  • And today, two weather records were broken:  the airport is citing 8.16" rainfall (so far, it's still raining), the most rainfall on any September 5 (obliterating the previous record of a paltry 1.84" in 1959); and today's rainfall total is also setting a new all time 24-hour record; the previous record, more than 100 years old, was 7.61" on March 29-30, 1886 (source:  WTVC-TV News Channel 9)

Wolftever Creek winds its way near our neighborhood, and it typically overflows its banks during a heavy rain.  Below, I captured some cell shots around 9:30 this morning then again around 5:30.  I can't imagine what it'll look like tomorrow after rains have continued throughout the evening…. Forgive the poor quality in some; I was shooting through glass at times.

334919_2346780435292_1423472386_2655306_2597978_o  Road flooded in Chattanooga, September 2011




This road is the first to go in our neighborhood; as soon as the creek rises, you need a boat to get across….


Flooding in Hamilton County   Flooding in Chattanooga September 2011




On the left, the cement picnic table is the marker; on the right, it's hidden under water.  The trees on the left and right mark an approximate boundary.


Wolftever Creek beginning to rise   Wolftever Creek overflowing its banks



In the left shot, the water has barely left its banks; on the right, it's 25 yards in front of the treeline….

Anybody not see this on Gunbarrel Road today (lifted from the Times Free Press Facebook page)??

Flooding on Gunbarrel Road in Chattanooga

How are things in your neck of the wood?  Everybody okay out there?? 

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