~ 31 Days of Parenting Teens & Tweens, Day 16 ~


Now that we're over the half-way point in my series, I realize there's something I should've made clear from the beginning:


Give yourself a break

You're the perfect parent for your children. 

You're doing the best you can. 

And, evidenced by the fact you're willing to invest time in reading a 31-day parenting series, you're willing to change to become an even better parent. 

As my daughter approached the end of her high school career last Spring, I experienced moments of panic where I realized all the things I hadn't done for her, all the things I still wanted to do, and all the things I wished I could un-do. 

It was exercise in futility. 

While reading parenting books (and blog series) can be helpful to

  • affirm what you already know or suspect
  • open your eyes and broaden your thinking
  • redirect unhealthy practices
  • provide insight and offer experiences of others

they can't trump your natural instincts as a parent of your children.  Your children.

So…inhale deeply.  Take a step back.  Stop your worry that your children will need therapy for life because of all the mistakes you've made.  

Remember?  You're teaching them not to be a victim ;).

We're headed down the remaining half of Parenting Tweens and Teens, and oh, my…I'll be tackling some hard ones soon.  Discipline and dating, anyone?   

Is it too late to back out?


Get-attachment-2.aspxDO bring your friends and family with teens and tweens along for the ride; pass along my subscription link in a reader or by email so they can finish the series with you (or subscribe if you haven't).  Hearty disagreement can make for wonderful entertainment conversation!

Thanks to YOU for your encouragement to me!!  Your emails and comments have been paychecks; I'm grateful.

Let's finish strong together.

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