But not just yet, my pretties…


The cat will be out of the bag next Thursday, January 5th.  Until then, I shall have fun teasing you, revealing a clue each day between now and then, beginning tomorrow.  

Note ~

  • Clue posts will be obvious (i.e., the word "Clue #__ will be part of the title).  I'll likely be writing regular ol' blog posts in addition to clue posts.
  • Keeping secrets makes me kinda crazy.
  • The phrase "it's in the vault" is on continuous reel in my head.
  • Is it obvious I like Seinfeld?
  • And making bulleted lists?
  • Didja notice I just slipped this post in when I imagined the rest of the world is out reveling in all things New Years?  (HAPPY NEW YEARS!)
  • We aren't party people.  Nice steak dinner + a fantastic bottle of Molly Dooker + Midnight in Paris + kids spending the night out = a VERY Happy New Year indeed.

Stay tuned.  This is gonna be fun…. 🙂


p.s.  Dear people who already know:  o-Nay illing-spay e-thay eans-bay, kay-kay?

Purrrfect photo credit on Flickr by Eelviss

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