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Right before Thanksgiving, I remember thinking, "I wish someone was hosting a vacuum cleaner giveaway or blogging campaign or SOMETHING" because my extended family was coming to spend a few nights, there was LOTS of cleaning to do, and my years' old vacuum was showing her age.  I'm always happy to work for food and/or fancy household appliances. 

You can imagine my shock when THE WEEK AFTER THANKSGIVING I was contacted by Oreck about a blogger outreach program to receive their new Oreck Magnesium for review and host a giveaway for one lucky reader. 

If I wasn't so thrilled I would've been more concerned about Big Brother somehow getting inside my head.

There are so many good things to say about the Oreck Magnesium I'm offering you ~ (please click to find out!!)

Top Ten Favorite Features
For My New Oreck Magnesium Vacuum

1.  It's lightweight.  My word, this vacuum weighs just a little more than a bag of flour!  You will not break your back carrying it up and down stairs or pushing it around.

2.  Major suckage.   How can something so light manage to pick up so much on a first pass?  I'm used to vacuuming the same area over and over, but now my shag rug stands at attention, an indicator the Magnesium has much stronger suction.


3.  Maneuverability.  Between its over-sized back wheels, low-lying front and otherwise brilliant design, it can turn on a dime, round corners, and lie flat almost flat under furniture. 


4.  Self propelled.  I remember how excited my husband was when he got a new self-propelled lawn mower; now, I fully understand.  You basically point the Oreck Magnesium where you want it to go, and it almost floats in that direction. 

5.  Extra long cord.  I didn't realize how much I'd appreciate the 30' cord until I was able to vacuum without having to continually unplug and replug.  It's a little thing that goes a long way (from our kitchen table, past the kitchen and into our little den on the other side).


6.  Accommodates multiple surfaces.  We have hardwoods, shaggy area rugs, no-pile bathroom rugs and wall-to-wall carpeting.  My Magnesium moved seemlessly between them; all you do is press the on/off switch (high/low switch?) to match the surface you're on. 


7.  TLC.  The Oreck Magnesium is a high-end product with an impressive 7-year limited warranty.  Plus, you receive three annual tune-ups with your purchase, a $40 value each time.  A vacuum spa retreat–who knew?

8.  HEPA Inner Bag.  I've never been completely comfortable with bagless vacuums regardless of their marketing, price and appeal; I prefer a model with an inner bag, and Oreck's Magnesium grabs 99.97% of particles down to .3 microns.  I don't know how large that is, but it makes me think about Horton Hears a Who and I sincerely hope I'm not obliterating any small planets that live in our dust bunnies. 

9.  Little things.  This tiny clip on the top-back of the handle?  Brilliant–you don't even have to hold the cord to keep it out of your way (one of my Oreck friends told me about it and I had missed it!  So I thought it very necessary to share with YOU.)


10.  It's sexy and sleek.  My friend Nester would beg to differ, but I think this is the prettiest vacuum I've ever seen!  Striking cobalt and black, thin lines…it might not match my decor, but my closest has never been better accessorized.

Plus…rumor has it, it's even easy enough for a princess to use…!


Well, now….

When I expressed my concern about the limitations of an upright, Oreck answered with this:  their New Ultimate Handheld Vac.

Ultimate Handheld Vac by OreckIn this tiny little vac that oddly reminds me of R2D2, I get everything an upright is lacking–

  • A magic, telescoping wand to reach cobwebs in corners (hush–I bet you have 'em, too), ceiling fans or tops of pictures or curtains, the once or twice a year I get a crazy cleaning itch.
  • The ability to vacuum out our cars!  This is my husband's favorite benefit.
  • An easy way to handle stairs.  I guess you could use an upright, but it's awkward to me; the Ultimate Handheld Vac makes it child's play.
  • Brilliant innovation!  This sucker comes with a shoulder strap so you can carry it around while you get to the hard-to-reach spots.  It's only 5 pounds so very manageable to carry.
  • Oreck Ultimate Handheld Vac with brush attachmentMy boys think it's cool.  Confession time:  EVERYone in my family used my new Oreck before I did…and they raved to me about our new vacuum completely unsolicited.  Now, THAT, I wish I had on video!

Ok, now for the rest of the story–

Top Three Least-favorite Features
For My New Oreck Magnesium Vacuum

1.  Lift.  When I got to the edges of some (not all) of my area rugs, I had to be careful they didn't get sucked in.  Nester didn't have an issue with this; it seemed to do this only on the rugs that didn't have a rubber-lined backing.  Nothing new, though; this happens with my old vacuum.

2.  Limitations of an upright.  Because I'm used to a canister vac, this is an adjustment; but, I like my little sidekick featured above, so there IS a good remedy.

3.  Price.  There's no getting around this; at $600 the Oreck Magnesium/Ultimate Handheld Vac Combo are investment appliances.  But considering Oreck's long-standing great reputation, accommodating customer service and quality construction, you're not going to need to replace your vacuum any time soon.  I've learned the hard way you DO get what you pay for with appliances.

Whew!  I've gush enough–

How would YOU like to win an Oreck Magnesium and Ultimate Handheld Vac Combo?

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Do you know Nester?  She's giving away a Magnesium/Handheld Vac combo, too–but hurry!  Her deadline is Friday at midnight!!

Note:  if you're like me, you're likely embarrassed to enter a bunch of times out of fear of what the giver-awayer might think.  In this case, increase your odds!  I'll only think you're cooler if you enter 47 times.  Tell your friends, tell your neighbors…heck, get your dog to enter as long as he can leave a comment below!! 🙂

Deadline for entry is Friday, January 20 @ 11:59 EST; winner announced as soon as I can post it.

Special incentive for PENSIEVE purchasers:  Free shipping extended through 1/31/12 using the code PENSIEVE.  (Through 1/19 there's free shipping on-site; after that you'll have to use the code.)

Fine print:

The giveaway winner must be a resident of the U.S. 48 contiguous states

Oreck Corporation provided the prize for the sweepstakes but is not the sponsor of the sweepstakes. Oreck is responsible for shipping the item to the winner.  Sincere thanks to Oreck for inviting me to receive a Magnesium/Handheld Vac combo at no charge; it couldn't have been better timing for this review.

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