Robin RoarsTen…twenty years ago I was a lion.  Loud, proud, a conqueror.  I knew things.  I was sure and strong and bold and confident.

I'd invite you in but I controlled the distance; you just didn't realize that.  Something about my roar must've been attractive because you'd imagine yourself to be closer than you really were, and then hate me when I'd keep you at arm's length. 

And then life happens. 

And God happens. 

And a heart is broken.

And blinded eyes are opened.

And deaf ears hear.

Gone is the need to conquer.  Certainty is vanquished. 

And the lion's roar is tamed, changed…and inexplicably, strength is found in a whisper.

Wolves and lambs and leopards and goats and lions and calves get along marvelously, superintended by a child.

And peace matters more than victory.

* * * * * * * *

5-minute-friday-1Prompted by both Lisa Jo's Five Minute Friday writing prompt ~ today's is "Roar" ~ and the doggedness of Romans 12: 9-21 (especially verse 18).  Even five years ago I would have written this SO differently!

I'm not sure why the timing (is it all tied up in our life change in 2012?), but after a long, long season of complacency in my faith, there's a Holy Spirit heart-stirring that I'm both thankful for and a little apprehensive about. 

I named this year Adventure, but I'm beginning to see I have little idea what that's actually going to mean.

What if? indeed…. 



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