Dragon boat on Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

A Dragon on a boat, not to be confused with the Dragon Boats descending on Chattanooga on Saturday!

What would YOU do if you had only two months in your hometown before leaving the country?

I, for one, can tell you what I'm doing–cramming as much into 60 days as possible.

Take Saturday, for example.  

Saturday morning I'll be all "PADDLES UP, Y'ALL!" at Chattanooga's Dragon Boat races; I'm joining the BEST team of them all:  Chamber Ambassadors of Hope.

I've known about this event for years and cannot wait to be a part!  Not only is this a fun community tradition, it's a fundraiser for Children's Hospital; we've had many friends whose children have had reason to go to Children's through the years…and they've always been provided exceptional care and service.

Would you PLEASE consider a donation?  Our team's individual goal is $172/paddler; but I'm not satisfied with the minimum and I like round numbers so I raised it to $250.  The competitor in me would LOVE to be the single largest paddler fundraiser of them all, but since that's not likely unless a generous benefactor finds my page, I'll be happy just to reach my goal.  

Donations in any amount will bless my socks off, and you can choose to be anonymous if that's more your style.  Just click the thermometer below; the process is painless and you'll be doing a very good thing.    

One last note:  I really need my friends and readers OUTSIDE CHATTANOOGA to contribute, too!  Many locals are either participating themselves or are supporting other paddlers, and YOUR support of my little effort will mean a lot to me.  A VERY lot  ?.    

Click Here to Donate


(When I say "thank you," I really, really, REALLY mean it.  Thank you!)

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