It's not like I haven't seen it a thousand times.  

But you know the difference between hearing and l.i.s.t.e.n.i.n.g.?  It's like that but with eyes instead of ears.  Seeing versus s.e.e.i.n.g.



My daughter just finished her freshman year in college; remarkable since she was born last week it seems.  It's no secret that I like my babygirl ~ a lot ~ and one day, when the time is right, we'll be friends.  Right now she needs her mama more.

Her overriding concern for the past year is that her MamaDear was languishing under layers of her bedcovers, curled in the fetal position, sniffing and stroking her ratty stuffed cat Velveteen Princess while staring longingly at her picture.  Why tell her otherwise?

I had her a week before she trotted off for a three week adventure that is sure to change her life; the kind of adventure that severs digital ties to home.  Independent and fearless about things she shouldn't be (and fearful about the things there's no need to), she's managed to grace us with One Call; in her words, "to put our minds at ease in case we're worrying," because she's certain I've been staring at the phone, waiting, and well…worrying.

God love her.

She had been gone two weeks when I needed something from her closet.  

I forgot about her closet.

Handwriting on the wall

Her closet is one giant love letter, brimming with wisdom and joy and all the Important Things You Need to Know.



Everywhere you turn, love is splattered in words and pictures.  In her handwriting and from the scrawl of others, the walls speak loudly.  And clearly.  A masterpiece.  



Truth is told.



There are valuable reminders.



There are Ancient Words and Action Words.



There's a memento of her own AMAZING metamorphosis….



There are answers to Life's Greatest Question.



Even when she's not here, the breadcrumbs she's left behind leave a trail to the Gospel.  Three things remain….


There are fingerprints and remembrances everywhere.  

* * * * * *

No wonder I'm not worrying about her…. 


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