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It's been quite a while since I shared an "Around/About"; but since I always enjoy reading your curated posts and links, I want to get back to the practice.  A few good things I've stumbled across are linked below, and if you have a links post or something you think I should read, would you mind sharing it in comments?  

Pure Charity Button

Pure Charity is the coolest, best New Thing I've discovered on the Internets in ages.  I'm not going to use a lot of words to describe it here because I'd rather you use that time to learn more (Jen Hatmaker wrote an easy-to-understand post, too.)

A wonderful way to get involved is through The Legacy Project; you can learn about its specifics by clicking the image below.

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My dear friend, Amber, has a very sick little boy and I know she'd appreciate your prayers for him (they can't figure out why he cannot gain weight and it's critical to solve his mystery illness).  She shares an update on Titus but has some powerful, poetic words on guilt, too.  No one writes like Amber.

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Nest of Posies Chalkboard PrintablesI love these FREE Chalkboard Printables Kellie has created at Nest of Posies.  Oh, and while you're visiting her site, you'll probably wanna enter her iPad giveaway, too.


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5 Elements of Powerful Stories.  Michael Hyatt knows what he's talking about.

Pear and French Toast Breakfast Casserole.  Mmmmm, mmmm, GOOD! (Thanks to my friend Tracey for introducing me!!)

An affordable way to create your own ebook?  Thanks to my brilliant friend Heather of the EO for sharing this service from Blurb (and for putting ideas in my head).

Ever wondered how many Twitter users joined AFTER you did?  You'll have fun with these statistics.

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Lisa-Leonard-Cyber-Monday-Discount-CodeLast, y'all already know I'm a Lisa Leonard Designs fan–of the woman, her story and her jewelry.  I've already told you how you can save 30% on her Faith Collection at DaySpring, but in addition, all day on Cyber Monday orders will be discounted 25% at her personal website USING THE CODE cybermonday12.  (Be sure to check out her Holiday Guide–darling selections already discounted 15%!) NOW is the time to BUY!

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Please share your favorite recent post or webular discovery in comments.

I can't wait to see what I've missed.


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