Two wonderfully fun things are going on in my life, and it's my pleasure and honor and delight to invite you to be a part of one or both:

The job

Bloom-bookclubI've recently been offered and accepted a newly created part-time position with (in)courage, their Bloom Book Club Coordinator.  

Jessica Turner and Angie Smith birthed the online book club three years ago.  Its humble beginnings found them locked in the bathroom of Angie's house hiding from their children to film each segment with a laptop on their knees.  That's mostly true ~ wink ~.

Bloom has blossomed and evolved into a Very Good Thing under their leadership.  For the upcoming study, Prayer: Finding Heart's True Home by Richard Foster, DaySpring brought in a professional videographer to film each session; my role is to write the companion content for each video.  Also, I'll be behind the scenes uploading the videos, and the best part, engaging with readers in comments.  

The new study begins next Monday, February 11th–plenty of time for YOU to join us!!  Schedule details are HERE.  And TODAY you can enter to win one of TEN FREE copies of Foster's Prayer along with a fun giftpack.  

{And if you and I have never had the opportunity to meet in real life, click to hear my oh-so-Southern drawl and see my desperately-in-need-of-lipstick face on my intro video…!  For the record, this was shot at 5:00 p.m. after a long day of shooting videos and a too-short night's sleep.}

Next up, Party News!  You won't wanna miss that!

{to be continued shortly…}


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