In case you're wondering if:

a)  I've all but given up writing "real" posts…

b)  I'm obsessing over just a wee bit too much over …

c)  I don't get out enough…

Let me assure you:

a) I AM writing– 

  • I've got a total of 14 posts to write for the Bloom Book Club
  • I'm continuing to publish for (in)courage, Deeper Family and Simple Mom
  • I'm spending t i m e penning some deeper thoughts that require careful intention
  • I'm trying to re-work my Parenting Series into an ebook (with added and revised content)
  • I've got some double-nought secret stuff going on :).

b)  I'm recovering (nicely and as expected) from knee surgery

c)  So, no…I'm not getting out enough

These will be my last words (I think) on Downton Abbey til next season, and they're ones you'll want to pay attention to if you're a fan in mourning from last night's Season Finale:

a)  There's a good reason they killed off [you know who and if you don't, I'm not telling], and we can't blame it on series creator Julian Fellowes; it was (a that helped ease the pain of his departure).

b)  If you quietly wondered if you're crazy having a Pavlovian response to the DA theme song?  You are.

c)  And this.  Oh, my.  A mash-up of Downton Abbey and One Direction's "You don't know you're beautiful."  So much fun and I cannot imagine the tedium of finding and piecing together this video, but I'm OH so glad someone did! Enjoy!!



Last, this BRILLIANT Marshall Ramsey cartoon, with thanks to my friend Dawn for sharing it with me (feel free to Pin, Stumble, Facebook and/or Tweet this gem!!):

Oh, my…soooo good.


Hope you'll keep checking in…good things come to those who wait…!

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