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The common thread for this week’s round-up is they’re all worth clicking for their own special reason.  Try to get to as many of these as you can, and be sure to share your favorites from the week in Comments (click at the top of the post).

One Small Thing Done in {slightly irritable} Love.  Oh my.  I may have written a post about ringing the bell for the Salvation Army, but Michelle DeRusha writes hilariously about trying to serve a local volunteer.  Don’t miss this one, folks–it’s not just funny, it’s very well told story.

The 10 Best Ads of 2013.  Some were new to me, some familiar; a few were naughty, most were nice.  All are worth watching, showcasing the ingenuity, creative brilliance and diversity of the Mad Men (and women) of today.  HT to David Griner.

101 Household Tips.  This isn’t the same ol’, same ol’–you’re going to see a few new tips from the get-go.  Click and be amazed at simple things to make your life better.  HT to Barb Heller.

WestJet Christmas Miracle.  You’ve seen this, right?  What?  YOU HAVEN’T???  Crawl out from under that rock, man!(I saw it when there were about 6 million views; now there are over 24 million!  Whatever it cost them PALES in comparison to the mad respect, love AND FREE ADVERTISING they’re receiving!  BRILLIANT!

When Love is a man in a pink tu-tu.  A feel-good, sweet picture of deep and abiding love.  Tissue alert.

Keep the X in Xmas.  One of the odder-to-recall remembrances of my mother (whom we lost to a wicked battle of breast cancer when I was just nine) was that she wrote “Merry Xmas” on gift labels and cards.  It was a practice I “caught” and continued until my 20s when I’d hear repeatedly from the Christian community that it was tantamount to taking Christ out of Christmas; which, sub-consciously to me, was a subtle attack on her.  Which explains why I’d add this link :).

The Most Adorable 100-year-old Lady Who Ever Lived.  Sweet, infectious, and my kind of hero.  Do not miss a second of Jay Leno’s interview with Dorothy Custer.

Ever wonder What Your Mental Age is?  Mine was 36…which sounds about right.

13 Things Mentally Strong People Avoid.  Good things to keep in mind.

The Problem with the Christian Music Industry by Michael Gungor.  Interesting perspective from a guy in the music industry…and it’s not just about Christian music.
An Open Letter to Every Man Who Reads a Woman’s Blog by Brian Gardner.  I first “met” Brian when he donated a generous number of A Million Little Ways for Bloom’s sponsored book program; I knew he was a champion of women then.  I wouldn’t mind if he found his way to my blog because I’ve found him to be a thoughtful, engaging conversationalist.

YOUR TURN:  What have you read (or written) that’s a Must-Share?  Click “comments” under the title and please let me know!

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