The best motivator for simple living

When I think about my Top Ten Least Favorite Things To Do, moving would make the list somewhere between “colonoscopy” and “ironing.” If ever there was motivator for simple living, it’s the act of packing up ALL of your things and then unpacking all of your things.

I’ve moved twice in the past ten years with an additional year-long jaunt in Germany, and through that process I’ve seen the result of decades of accumulation.

I’m not a hoarder, but there is little doubt I have more than I need.

I’ve just celebrated a year in a new place (though I still have one foot in the other), and I thought it might be helpful to offer a few suggestions for meaningfully connecting to a new area.


While I was working on my #31Days series, “Hints & Tips for Your College-bound Student” last week, I was moonlighting at The Art of Simple. As promised in my intro post to the series, on weekends I’m sharing some of my recent favorite interwebulars AND any posts I’ve had published elsewhere on the world wide web. Please click to continue reading Starting Over. Again at the Art of Simple and be sure to add your suggestions for connecting to a new home town.

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